French Waterways

Garonne, Gironde & Dordogne River

These three rivers have been combined to create a cruise itinerary that starts and ends in Bordeaux. With wine tasting tours of some of the famous wine Chateaux in the Medoc, St Emilion and Sauternes wine regions this is a perfect cruise for oenophiles but also a wonderfully relaxing way to enjoy the towns and countryside in Southwest France.

Vessels dock on the left bank of the Geronne River, which flows through Bordeaux, so passengers only have to cross the road to reach the historical centre, where highlights include the opera house, Place Gambetta, where 364 people lost their heads during the revolution. The long promenade where the boats dock is a favourite place for strollers, runners and cyclists.

Bergerac on route is about 90 minutes drive from Libourne, on the Dordogne River and its restaurants are famous for serving foie gras and duck specialities.

St Emilion excursions tend to combine a wine tasting visit as well as a town tour of cobbled streets and alleys. Its founder, St Emilion who was a Robin Hood style monk, stole bread for the poor in the 8th century has become legendary. Tours visit a cave beneath the town where he was supposed to have lived.