The Rhone

The Rhone rises in Switzerland, flows into Southeast France and empties into the Mediterranean near Arles. The Saone rises in France and the two meet at Lyon, where the Saone becomes the Rhone.

The most popular option is is a 7 night cruise between Lyon and Avignon, but there are also one week voyages round trip from Lyon, and some companies combine the the cruise with a few nights in Paris. From Lyon cruises typically go north to Beaune the wine capital of Burgundy before heading back south. Typically Viviers, Vienne, Avignon and Arles all feature and offer an amazing contrast of culture and little known treasures on this itinerary.

Clients can fly to Lyon or take the train from London on Eurostar and transfer to one of France's high-speed TGV trains.

Seating under the trees by the banks of the Rhone river