What You Would Expect To Find On A Singles River Cruise

River cruising is becoming ever more popular with solo cruisers who are looking to swap the wide open seas for the finest rivers and waterways across the world. Cruising solo is a great option. Whether you're looking to get away on a peaceful break full of relaxation, great food, new surroundings and experiences, or simply to broaden your horizons whilst meeting with other like-minded travellers there is a perfect river cruise waiting for you.

Everything moves to your pace, allowing you to feel at home and be on the go as much or as little as you'd like.

You can spend your days on board relaxing in comfortable surroundings trying out all the great onboard amenities that often include spas, gyms, saunas, whirlpool baths and much more.

Dip into activities such as cookery or glass blowing demonstrations, wine or beer tasting sessions or talks about the river or places being visited.

You'll see beautiful villages, vineyards and picturesque scenes - all from the comfort of your ship. During the day and for most evenings, you'll be docked at different destinations, giving those who love history and new sights the perfect opportunity to explore unique cultures, relax in luxurious surroundings, visit iconic monuments on guided tours and enjoy the local nightlife.

Traditionally, there was just one place to eat, these days most modern river cruises vessels have at least one alternative to the main restaurant.

Cabins on river boats used to be small but as times and expectations have changed this has allowed passengers to immerse themselves in greater comfort and larger more modern cabins.

New designs have been inventive creating everything from the walk out balconies to all weather balconies that are half outside and half inside. Other balconies have wall-to-wall glass windows that open two thirds the width of the room, creating an "inside".

Entertainment is low key. There is often an on board pianist and depending on the itinerary, whilst local groups may visit the ship to perform. During the day talks there's a programme normally related to the region such as wine tasting, porcelain demonstration, strudel making etc, there's also a Culture Curriculum with talks relevant to the cruise. This could be a German or Chinese language lesson or a talk on the European Union. Each programme is tailored to the particular cruise.

If this takes your fancy then river cruising is your perfect escape, we are sure of giving you a much richer travel experience.

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